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What about Phil Health and Pre-existing conditions

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Ok, another question about Health/Medical Insurance here in Philippines


It appears Phil Health is the cheapest basic but here is what I am hearing and reading from other expats and the Philippine News sources on Internet.


I am hearing the Phil health is starting to blame all illnesses on the patients pre existing (no matter what) unless of course it is something obviously different.


For example I have had 2 strokes since 2002, so if I go in not feeling well or sick they are going to say "well we have to investigate as your illness may be due to one of your strokes.


Now I have always had Normal Blood pressure all my life even though I am FAT............(large and more physical when I was younger) but if I went in with my heart hurting or fast and high blood pressure (even though my first stroke was caused by a blood clot that the VA did not find that broke loose in a damaged leg 'not service connected')...Phil Health will put off paying and delay saying that my heart problem might be due to my pre existing stroke).


So if this is the case then is it really worth then money I would put out on the insurance if they are just going to find a reason NOT to pay? :banghead:

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I have been here for 5 years off and on and have never heard of Phil Health refusing to pay something. Thats not saying it doesn,t happen but I don,t think its the norm.

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You might want to register at the VA hospital in Guam ,,, thats what i plan to do ,along w phil health

i have no preexisting conditions .


but also i don't have deep pockets . My wife was in local hospital due to high BP with a foreign last name they wanted to milk her for all they could get '

also put her in pvt room ...


buddy of mine had leg infection was very bad gang green ,, top hospital in cebu said we have to amputate it ..

suggested  he go back to Italy maybe they can save it he did ,, and saved his leg 

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