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Steel deck picnic, USS Blueridge LCC 19, me old ship

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I always heard that when the Navy builds a base, that they start with the piers, fuel depots, supply depots and so on.  Personnel needs being the last thing they build.


When the Air Force builds a base, they start with the officer and enlisted clubs, commissary, base exchange, housing and so on. When all thats done they think about a runway.   :biggrin_01:


It's not far off either. I spent nearly a year at two different Air Force bases as an E-4. I had a nice private room at one and a semi-private room at the other. Both with their own private bathrooms.


When I was an officer and going to school at a Coast Guard base. I shared a room with three other men and there was a communal bathroom.

That sounds about right.

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Our Navy hard at work...movie time.

My first ship boat. Notice the lack of deck space for picnics?  

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Salty Dog

Do these aircraft count? They had steel decks and they float....


I spent way too many hours on those old Grumman Albatrosses. Hot, loud and they even stunk. Spent 13 hours on one, Christmas Eve 1975.


At least the helicopter could only fly a few hours without landing to refuel. Besides they were fun. Single piloted so I got to sit in the copilots seat.



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For the squids...


Exactly. I can remember processing a request to be relieved of my watch on the reactor 15 minutes early. We were in port, heck, we were in the shipyard in Groton, Connecticut! Nothing happening. I had a buddy that would come in 15 minutes early to take over. I submitted my request and everyone approved it up to the Engineering officer. He rejected it by crumpling it up and throwing it back at me.


If approved, I could have 32 hours off-time since I needed to get off early to go to a Physical Fitness test (also required by the US Navy). If not approved, I'd have to come in on my day off to take the test.


So.... what did I do? I went ahead and got relieved early, took the test (passed it easily) and a week later, the Engineering office noticed it. Another week later and I'm bereft of 1 stripe and lowered a pay grade. This happened a few times in my naval career... I didn't seem to have the ability to mindlessly follow orders.

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