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U.S. Citizens - If you have $10K+ in a foreign bank, read this

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18 minutes ago, streak03 said:

Nah, 1430.00 was the initial application fee.  1500.00 was for the deposit as I'm retired military.

Ah one of those lucky guys! I'm jealous! Hehe

Now I really want to know what the story is re Bank of Commerce! ( well this week's story anyway!)

( the only good thing but my SRRV is that I'm grandfathered in at $10 a year )

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i parked twenty-eight cents in a USD account with the Coconut Planter's bank   the interest ain't much but the manager has superb tits   and let's me stare down her blouse for free.   and has so

Been discussed before but in actuality it's the total amount of money in all foreign banks/investments being over the $10K limit.  So $2K in foreign stock and $9K in foreign bank accounts means you ha

I will take the red flag because I haven't been asked and I will not sign anything giving up my banking secrecy rights.   They will be surprised much to their chagrin that my bank balances history

On 4/29/2018 at 11:17 PM, Jawny said:

lately have managed my accounts different,y so the $10000 threshold is not met.

That's the best plan.  If you need more than $10K just invest it in your mattress.

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