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How to calculate energy savings with Inverter A/C?

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Currently:  There is a 3/4 HP Panasonic window unit cooling my 3 meter X 4 meter bedroom.  It does a good enough job and I estimate it adds an average 3,000 pesos per month to my electric bill when in use about 18 to 20 hours a day, every day.  (Costs less to run in cool weather and more to run in very hot weather so approximately 3,000 pesos a month to run.


Question:  I want to calculate the cost of electricity using a 1 HP LG Inverter type split aircon in the same room.  Why that one?  The price to purchase is good and I cannot find a 3/4 HP Inverter type.


I know it will be quieter to run, which is good, but will it save me any money on my electric bill?  I have jalousie type windows on the house I rent so they are covered with thick, plasticized curtains to help reduce air leakage.  I wonder what the savings in electric would be if I just bought 'storm windows' for the place to eliminate any air leakage.  Hmmm but to keep this on a single topic, does anyone know how to calculate what the cost of electric usage would be for  the unit linked here.

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AFAIK there is no way to calculate - you can take there word of 30% or whatever but there are too many factors to be sure from one place to another.  Buying a larger unit than needed may not be the normal disadvantage however (normally you never want to do that with a normal unit as you lose moisture removal).  Brand wise I consider Panasonic more reliable than LG but that is based on split units we use here in Thailand (and I have used both brands) - LG was first production model and many issues with it - it was cheap and that was obvious from day one when every time temp changed the plastic case cracked like broken ice on a lake.  


If your current unit runs near capacity inverter would not save much so it greatly varies by room/temp you want/season.  But if you want no more cut offs/starts noise and almost constant same temp you can not beat them.  They are also great at cooling fast as can operate above rated capacity for short periods.  Not sure if you have a testing sticker in PI - here in Thailand all electric units are tested and values (estimated cost per year to operate are listed).  Look for the highest efficiency rating if nothing else.


Sorry can not be more help - maybe others can provide estimates but take with a grain of salt - I would not buy for savings alone.

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