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Stood up at Mactan Airport

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because so many guys on a forum think they are the appointed savior of all women ... its the same guys who say when a women scams a guy out of money its his fault for being stupid

But the thread does smack of the flavor, 'Rich Foreigners should know better.


Its not so stupid if you read this forum. Some have an idea of sharing not giving away. I guess thats the vow you take. Nothing godlike about it.


Let's face it some maybe most women that go into this are fully aware of the Foreigners can't own thing. I'm wondering how many new partners point out that little gem of information to their intended before they arrive.

Its OK to keep mentioning 'richer foreigners' but some of us work for 44 years, manage to save a bit. No more work, pension and 'that's it'! Is it really so wrong to try hang on to what you have left when someone not only wants to fleece you and they will give it to someone else on the food chain anyway. P1000 between ten goes nowhere, helps no one. At P95 a bottle of San Mig it will probably get pissed up the wall anyway and bang goes your next electricity bill.


As mentioned some string women on to have good time on holidays. But that works both ways too. Met a couple at a hotel French/Canadian with partner. It was his last night there. She told my partner she was to meet the next one from Italy in two days.


It is possible to meet normal people here with values minus the hangers on who find out cousin has a 'Foreigner' Those people don't have to be well educated either.

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For Real

Why is it when a women has sex with a guy(s), she is the poor victim?

have you seen some of these guys in question?


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have you seen some of these guys in question?


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Hey, I resemble that remark :)

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well which is it ? It certainly cant be both . 

Try getting the masses here to believe that !!!

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