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For Mr. Motley (those in Cebu please read this post)

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Mr Motley has been cremated and his ashes are in the process of being shipped back to his family but are still in the custody of Rolling Hills. Everything is paid up so his family came through for him.



Thank you sir for following this situation up. I am glad the family did the right thing for their son. I wish they would have at least contacted you directly at least by email to thank you for your help. :(


Thanks you again for your help with all this. 


Once again R.I. P. Garrett Motley

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Way to go guys!!!!! Hope the guy's family appreciates your efforts. God bless you guys for your efforts! It's always so great to know there are some like you on this forum. And whoever sent the mon

Update   My wife and I visited the funeral home early this morning and the night staff provided us as much information as they have.   Mr. Garrett Patrick Motley, US citizen, Age 55.   As far as

Indeed. He's been there since April 9th. It seems that our (US) government has money for all kinds of things besides taking care of unclaimed expats, regardless of how they were reported to have died.

Alfred E. Neuman

God bless all involved for going out of their way to aid a stranger.

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Mr. Mike

I have inlaws in Boston who have been in the funeral business for over fifty years. I can't speak to this sad situation, but just so you know...arrangements can be made ahead of time with the funeral home of your choice, such that one phone call will start the process of getting your remains taken care of. Including if you pass while out of the country.

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Since things are just recently taken care of for the gentleman then I would like to share a story of a Canadian/UK Expat.


In 2006 we lived in Bogo and I was still healthy, able to be going places and hand our Ministry. A Filipino Friend told me of an expat who was sick and dying so we went to see him.


When we arrived it was a house in a country sitting more or less a closed down Sari Sari store in front on the dirt road...a lady came out and we asked about the expat and she stated she was the 'Mother in-law' so we told her we would like to see him.


So she said ok I have to get the key...and left us standing out front by the road...she came back and unlocked the back door to the Sari Sari store and motioned us to follow, we went inside this hot, closed up, no windows no fan building and at first it was so black we could not see anything......


She blocked the door open and turned on the light and there lying on a bamboo bed frame was the expat blotted stomach swollen lying on the bare bamboo...he had to block his eyes from the small amount of light that was coming into the walk in door.


He was confused, asking who was there...I went over and sit down beside him and was trying to tell him and talk to him, finally he started talking, I asked him if he remembered he had a stroke and he did not......


The mother in-law in the mean time was talking to my wife near the door and telling her that they had to leave him named on the bamboo so they could wash the waste off with buckets of water.


Any way we did what we could found an old wheel chair, made them take a fan out to him roll up all the rolling doors so he had light and air, he was blotted but starving...we kept checking on him every day and for awhile he seemed to get better gave me the names and numbers of family members in Canada....


To make a long story short...I tried calling his family, no one claimed him, I contacted local fire department and gave them the address and asked them to check, they did and told me no one there claimed to know him (though the Captain thought they were lying). I Contacted the Canadian Embassy, The UK Embassy......


To make a long story short we had our doctor visit and look at him and he declared he would not live another day...he died that night.


Since I was still an ordained minister at that time and he stated he was Baptist, they asked me to do his funeral,


As far as I know I am the only expat who knows where this man was placed, they said they would put his name in the cement when they sealed him in but I don't know if they did or not...I have never been able to go see since I got sick.


This is a sad, sad thing to happen to anyone.........They are both at rest and in peace now.

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