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Modular PWC comes apart / goes in your trunk

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Much of what appears on this site is prototype / concept,  Does show what maybe  coming down the road.


Almost small enough  to go as plane luggage.




BomBoard modular PWC comes apart and goes in your trunk

By Ben Coxworth

March 26, 2014


The BomBoard disassembles into four modules, and can be put back together in one minute

Image Gallery (6 images)

Personal water craft (or PWCs) have been around since the 1950s, and received a boost in popularity when the Kawasaki Jet Ski was released in 1973. Since then, we've seen the introduction of a number of makes andmodels, all boasting their own unique features. One of the latest, the BomBoard, is claimed to be the world's only modular PWC – and at a planned price of US$3,495, it could also be the cheapest.


The BomBoard consists of four modules, the heaviest of which weighs 80 lb (36 kg). This means that when disassembled, it can be stored in relatively small spaces, and transported in the back of a compact car – no trailer is necessary. Once users reach their destination, it can reportedly be snapped together within 60 seconds.

It can be ridden in a kneeling, standing, or go-cart-like sitting position. It has a top speed of 40 mph (64 km/h) and a total assembled weight of 150 lb (68 kg), a combo that its Wisconsin-based designers claim makes for very responsive handling and fast acceleration.


They also state that its sub-$3,500 price is due mainly to the fact that it's so small. This means that less material is required to build it, it can be shipped directly to the consumer, and it requires a relatively small engine. Although mechanical specs aren't available (it's still in prototype form, and subject to change), the company states that "[the] small displacement high efficiency engine allows hours of use on only a few gallons of gasoline."

A new base model Kawasaki Jet Ski, for reference, will cost you almost $10,000.

If you're a potential customer or investor, you can make your interest known via the link below. Delivery of the first units is planned for spring of 2015 (Northern Hemisphere).

The prototype can be seen in action in the following video.

Source: BomBoard



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I <3 Cebu

Groovy but my back hurts from just looking at the pics!

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well I am on the waiting list just home it can go BB

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Called them, they're in Wisconsin - about 100 Km from here - no reply yet - asked if it would fit in checked luggage

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I miss my standup Kawasaki - the sit down skis are boring as batshit

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A new way to sell and service a jet ski specifically designed for today’s next generation consumers.
In the past a product like the BomBoard would be sold and serviced by a network of independent third party dealers. We believe that the over 100 year old dealer channel is no longer effective for today’s new generation of consumers, so we developed a disruptive new direct to consumer channel: BomBoard Direct. We believe BomBoard Direct will provide an unprecedented level of customer delight throughout the entire sales and service process. Our company will own the entire customer experience so we can control every touch point to ensure the customer is truly delighted.
Web Centric
BomBoard Direct will be entirely web centric because that’s the preferred method for today’s generation to interact. Our web site BomBoard.com will be the focal point for all things in the BomBoard universe. While we will strive to provide everything possible through our web portal, we felt we needed a local sales and service offering to complete the entire customer experience, so we created a unique local presence.
Become A BomMaster
It all starts with what we call our local BomMasters. We intend to recruit a cadre of local enthusiasts to act as our local brand ambassadors. BomMasters will be independent agents working part time and summers to introduce interested individuals to the BomBoarding lifestyle. We will provide them with a demonstration machine and pay them a commission for any sales of product and services they influence and aid. They aren’t hard-core salesmen. They are educators guiding potential customers in their purchase decision.
Repair Station

To compliment our local BomMaster brand ambassadors we will also establish a network of local company run depot repair stations. As the population of BomBoarders grows we will add more and more service depots to be close to our customers. Again, the company will directly control the entire service experience. Our goal is to provide a 24 hour turnaround from time of receipt for all services. That level of service is unheard of in the traditional dealer channel. We can even use our BomMasters to provide local service pickup and delivery to match the busy schedules of our customers.



We think BomBoard  direct will disrupt the traditional dealer channel by introducing customers to a totally delightful sales and service process. BomBoard Direct reinforces the entire BomBoarding  experience, ensuring a hassle free process every step of the way.

BomBoard Direct

Our goal is to make your BomBoard buying experience better than any experience you could get from traditional dealers. Thus we invented a process that allows you to buy the way you prefer to buy.

  • Direct from our website
  • Direct from our local BomMasters

1. Use our website

  • Learn about the BomBoard which will also have links to YouTube videos and third party reviews.
  • Buy a custom configured BomBoard on our website.
  • Financing, insurance, extended warranty. Complimentary garments and accessories will also be available.

2. Contact our local BomMasters:

  • BomMasters are enthusiasts who live the BomBoarding lifestyle and whose purpose is to introduce others to the lifestyle.
  • See demonstrations on water or ask for your own demo ride.
  • Touch, lift, assemble BomBoard at public locations or ask for your in-home demonstration.
  • Ask technical questions or ask for advice
  • Get on contact list to participate in local BomBoarding events

3. Call our Customer Service

  • Customer service staff are enthusiasts who can answer all your questions.
Easy to Receive
  • Multiple options to receive the BomBoard – typically within 24 – 48 hours of placing the order
    • Delivery by your BomMaster, who can also give you tips for operating and maintaining your BomBoard
    • Pick-up at nearest service depot
    • Delivery by common carrier to you home or office.
Easy to Service
  • We designed the BomBoard to make servicing as easy as possible.
  • Most things that can break is in the power pod module, so you only need to get this module to our service location
  • Multiple options to get the BomBoard serviced – often arranged through our website
    • Your BomMaster may be able to fix minor problems or pickup and deliver the BomBoard from/to your location
    • Bring it to the nearest service depot
    • Arrange a pickup or go to the nearest common carrier store to ship the power pod to the nearest service depot.
  • Guaranteed quick turnaround
    • 24 hour turnaround in the service depot
    • Ship on Monday and get it back well before the weekend
Product Availability
  • The BomBoard will be available for delivery in the spring of 2015
  • Sign up on the wait list to become a pioneer BomBoarder



For a young Water and Jet Ski enthusiast LivingInCebuForums.com Member living on Cebu or elsewhere in the Philippines

- you get to own one for free and have a business selling and/or renting them out!


IMHO, looks a bit 'crude', home made DIY sort of thing, at the moment?

But then again maybe just prototype versions - waiting for investors to get the capital to make smarted,slicker production versions?

Edited by David_LivinginTalisay

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