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Majika's Island Beach Resort

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The Majika Island Beach Resort is a wonderful secluded place to relax and recharge your batteries.  It is set on Apo Island some distance from Coron Town.  A great experience that still makes me smile when I think about it.  It is a small resort giving a very personal and intimate feel.  The staff were excellent.




There are a couple of quirks.  The first is that the website does not give prices, you need to supply details of your party and they provide a quote and itinerary.  The second was that payment was a transfer to a US dollar account.  This was a bit of a faff from the UK as the destination bank had no direct connection with a UK bank and an intermediary had to be used.  I guess they have a peso payment method for locals.  http://majikaislandresort.wix.com/majikaislandresort




I can understand why they want to give a quote as the holiday is all inclusive from meeting and returning you to Busuanga airport and their costs must vary depending on numbers booking.  A group of 4 paid 12,200 pesos for a 4 night stay using two cottages including two all day trips by banca.




You get three meals and 5pm snack every day.  Water. plus tea and coffee are included.  Soft drinks, beer and additional snacks are for sale and they suggest if you want stronger alcoholic drinks you bring them with you.  The food was great, plenty available served buffet style.  Always a fish/shellfish dish and usually an additional choice of a pork and/or chicken dish.




There are roughly 10 cottages (I did not count them!), each powered by its own off-grid system of solar panel and battery. No aircon, it was not needed with the sea breeze and fan.  Cold water only. Being a wimp I do like a warm shower, but it was no hardship to do without.


There is no internet and mobile connectivity was almost non-existent.


The snorkelling at the coral garden and the Japanese wreck nearest the surface was stunning with the sheer variety of coloured coral and fish.  There are at least two other Japanese wrecks from WWII, but you need to dive to access these.  I do not dive so cannot comment on that.




The trips also included a visit to Coron Town, Kayangan Lake and Lake Barracuda.  All guide fees and entrance fees for the trips are included in the holiday quote.






A great place and I thought amazing value for money.



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I should just clarify, the price mentioned above was per person.

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