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"Bring Your Own" - Etiquette

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Buko Beach

Before you read this, please understand I am not complaining, I am only curious....



I was invited to attend an day of boating and island hopping. I was told it was "Bring Your Own Food", but we would all split up the cost of the boat, dock fees and nipa hut cabana on the island. 




About 10 older retired type foreigners with their wives/ girlfriends, a few extended Filipino family members/friends and kids attended. So all in all there was about 20+ people at the gathering. 








I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Remember the old saying "Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me." I hope you made a mental note of who was in attendance and that they are excluded from future outings that you attend, at least that's what I would do.


From your description of the outing it sounded as though the banca left from Punta Engano and then headed for Nalusuan/Gilutungan/Talima sanctuaries to snorkel and feed the fish. And I'm also guessing the banca stopped on Pandanon Island where a nipa hut can be rented to enjoy lunch. My question is, who paid for the sanctuary fees and the nipa hut rental? Did the rest of the people on the banca pay up when the caretaker boat came to collect, or did they object as some form of kano tax?


Just curious to know if they tried to get out of paying the fees, or if they paid up.

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Jess Bartone

Alcohol has strange effects on different people, on old men with a lifetime of experience it can definitely make them belligerent but can also make them jovial and funny. Bonus is the beer goggles effect can be astounding




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