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How to not post a spoiler....


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In a western country where a popular TV series is shown on a regular schedule or sporting events are shown live it's common to discuss them the next day among friends or coworkers how have almost certainly watched the show already at the same time.  Here in the Phils, people often download or otherwise watch at a (much) later date.  Just like talking about the ending of a movie others haven't seen yet, spoiling a show can bring the ire of those who like to be entertained by the director or the teams or whatever without annoying foresight.


One way to avoid this is to put (spoiler alert) in the title of a thread and that's a good idea if the whole thread is pretty much spoiler info.  But that would prevent anyone from reading the thread completely and they might be interested in general discussion of the series or whatever.


To have both a general discussion and avoid spoilers, type out whatever you might wish to discuss in your text and then put any spoiler comments in a spoiler box.  To do this:


  1. CLick the Special BBCode icon.  Third icon from the top left.
  2. Select Spoiler.
  3. Enter the spoiler text in the box and hit ok.
  4. You'll get a spoiler icon in your message like this.


At the end of the movie Titanic, the boat sinks.

If someone clicks the 'show' icon they  have no room to complain about spoilers.

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Well I use the 'Spoiler' BBCode to simply hide from view, addiotinal information/pictures/info, that I think is USEFUL or Interesting, and/or saves going to a URL Link to find the information etc then having to get back into the 'Thread Discussion'.

Some complain that I "post too much" (yet others don't seem to mind?).
However, if I hide a lot of 'stuff', then it hopefully minimises the screen view, yet can be visible to those that want to see it.


However if they click on that 'spoiler', and don't like what they see, they should not go complaining (as nobody forced them to click the 'Spoiler')!

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