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I would like to make a request of the membership concerning use of links. If it is possible, could the poster using the link include some information about the link. A brief statement what it is or better yet, a copy of what the link includes.


I hope my request doesn't sound petty. I look forward to reading the information members provide to all of us. Sometimes the forum subject is written to get our attention, but lacks any clear hint what is contained in the post. Then, if the post is only a link and no comments, I have to guess if the link I a worth pursuing.


For those of you with fast Internet connections, the decision to click the link is different than for myself. I use a wireless Internet setup and have intermittent and slow connectivity. The choice of chasing a link with a slow connection is harder with no info.



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a copy of what the link includes.


unless what is included in the link is quite long i always try to do this.  You are already sitting there with the link open so why not just cut and paste it back in your comment ?  I also take a few seconds to remove all the unnecessary stuff that often gets included in the cut and paste  ie ads, facebook links etc etc    It really takes  no time at all and makes a lot of sense to me 

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