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What do you think of the private education in the Philippines, in particular Ateneo’s as compared to that of the US schools…

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Any input would be appreciated… if you were to send your kids to the elementary school all the way to the 4-year university and beyond… only comments re educational aspects, please, not financial, as you are well aware that Yale grad schools could be the most expensive education in the world (makes you feel as if the Ateneo tuition is almost free)... ;)

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The following site ranks the top 12,000 Universities out of the 17,036 Universities worldwide



Current Rankings: Ateneo de Manila University http://www.admu.edu.ph/


World Ranking: 3031 out of 17036

Continental Ranking (Asia): 987

Country Ranking (Philippines): 5


Rankings of all Universities in the Philippines:


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Good question.

My kids  were born in the Philippines and have attended  school here from kindergarten to graduating from university. Our youngest will start at UP Diliman in June.

Over the years i have read and listened to a lot of bad reports about the education system in the Philippines. Most of it bullshit coming from foreigners who tend to generalize. Certain private schools will probably provide a better education than many public schools abroad IMO.

If you give your kids some home schooling from what you learned in your home country, then rest assured they will do fine.

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