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US: Feds Say PTSD Vet Has to Turn in His Guns

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the government would have to totally disarm themselves

And these things are going to protect you, how?  The bad guy beats down your door and is coming at you with a bolo, you think calling the Pulis will save you?  They will show up in time to mop up the

Careful of your interpretation of PTSD - I have been diagnosed with it  - it has become the catch all to allow label us as incompetent -for 46 years my wife has managed our finances and I unplugged th

I see so you don't believe in democracy.


Democracy:  Two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch!


The United States is not a Democracy, it's a Republic but I don't trust government of any flavor, why should I?  But trusting something and believing it exists are not the same thing.

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