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A lot of times on these forums we are moaning about dodgy customer service.  Today I had one of the best experiences I have had in a long time, so I thought in the interest of fairness I would let you know here.


My car battery has steadily been getting worse over the last few weeks.  Having had it fail once already (when 1 1/2 years old) I knew it was about to happen as it got harder and harder to start.  The last time it was replaced (it took 2 days!) by Hyundai under warranty, but now it was outside the warranty I thought I would decline the services of Hyundai and look elsewhere.


A colleague told me about Motolite.  They gave me the number to call (1-800-10-370-6686 nationwide).  I was asked simply, where I was, when I needed it, and what kind of car was it for.  Good English and polite.  This was 8.30am.


10 minutes later I had a text from the local Motolite dealership asking me to confirm the address and letting me know they would be there before 11am.  Excellent, as I didn't need the car till 5pm today anyway.


One hour later, a professional looking mechanic had changed the battery, tested it, explained the warranty to me and was already on his way home.  At 11am a follow up call from Motolite asking if everything was ok now, thanking me for my custom and asking if there was anything they could improve on.  They also double checked that I had had the warranty explained to me.


I am still pinching myself... I fully expect to wake up and realise service like this was just a dream :)

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That's the kind of info we need posted on the Forum.

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I have an old restored 1979 Toyota Corolla without any of the electronic gadgets most vehicle have today. I have gone through a lot of batteries, being mostly the Motolite brand weather they be the lead acid or sealed type batteries, which is outstanding in cost and performance. I've changed batteries on the average of every 3 to 4 yrs depending on the quality and cost of the battery for my particular older vehicle and just purchase the cheapest run of mill sealed no maintenance type of batteries.

At times, I had problems with my alternator not charging the battery which therefore will discharge the battery in about a day's time. As long your alternator is in good working order, most Motolite batteries should last up to it's warranty expiration date. 


Pictures of assorted Motolite batteries


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I too rejected a replacement battery from Hyundai as their batteries tend to fail within a few monbths of the 2 Year Warranty expiring, if you dont runb the car the car for a week or more.


My Matrix 1.5CRDi VGT was bought new from Hyundai, in May 2005 and had 2 x Batteries from Hyundai  by November 2009.


I bought and had fitted a Motolite GOLD after having  the old Korean battery tested!

Motolite took 3 x old batteries that were also tested and considered unable to recovered (and I had tried using the Desulphate cycle mode of my Optimate SPIII to try and see if they would come back from the dead!), and gave good discount  from the new batteru taking them for recycling.


They also confirmed my old Motolite Battery from 2005 (that I bought for my Tamarow FX Diesel and  then used in Toyotal Corolla, and kept for 12V fluorescent lights during power cuts), was not 100%, but still servicable, so I kept that one.





Product:                Motolite GOLD

Description           Long-lasting power for high performance vehicles.

                               Offers widest range of batteries for Japanese, Korean, American & European makes and model.

Application            • For heavy duty vehicle use

                               • Recommended for popular Japanese Korean, American & European vehicles

Product Feature   • Full 21-months warranty

                               • Built for hot climates (Tropicalized)
                               • EGX Technology


 SIZE   RC      L         W       H      TH               

  N50  119     259     173     202  223


Motolite GOLD N50 has lasted over 4 years now (with only 1 x Desulphation charge with my Optimate SPIII, last year after the side lights were left on in the garage all night). 


Typical price MOTOLITE Gold  N50/R 2SMF ---------------- Php 3,958

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Ever notice that batteries ACT UP during rainy periods...??

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