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Christmas with a twist!

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When the Cebu rellies knew we were coming over for Christmas, they were delighted. Not so much because we were coming, more about what uncle and auntie would have for their Christmas so we decided on a different plan. A plan that truly was about Christmas, giving to the less fortunate! We advised the relies that this year all Christmas gifts, allowances etc were going to provide a special Christmas for fifty really needy children. Our rellies are not well off but there are many in the area with absolutely zilch and these kids never get a Christmas gift. (Lucky to eat!) With the help of nieces and nephews we found the needy kids (and a few more) and put on a party for them with lots to eat, games, singing etc and most importantly, a gift bag with lollies, slippers, T shirt and a toy for each one. These children had a day to remember but they weren't the only ones. Several 'olds' were seen with misty eyes!

After the clean up we all agreed that we didn't need Christmas gifts wrapped, the look on those little faces was the best Christmas I have ever had and we think the rellies finally got into the spirit of it also.

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So...how long do you think it will be before the relatives start talking to you again?  :ROFLMAO:  :ROFLMAO:  :ROFLMAO:

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