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Philippines is top spot for risk of homicide for Americans : almost twice as risky as anywhere else

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So there should be a market for "I Am Canadian"  T-Shirts in Phils?

Personally, I haven't killed any Americans in 2014 but the year's not even 40 hours old.   Any more political whinging in the bar when normal people are enjoying a cold one and the tropical views an

So you are saying that it is safer for Americans to visit the Philippines than to live in Chicago?


if you have an English accent in a bar in Glasgow I would rate your chances of getting out of there alive, as being lower than in Dublin. Just my opinion.


Yes, but as a joke, that isn't as funny.

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The Philippines is also a high risk spot to run into an American who is an outright tosser with social and/or mental illness issues. Perhaps the data corresponds. 


The mental issue is something I brought up before and was scoffed at.

The U.S. considers mental illness a disability and rightly so.

My point is that a good number of people on SSDI with mental illnesses come to the Philippines and even though they have every right to do so, all Americans seem to be judged mentally ill, rude or loud based on what any one person does (especially in public).

I don't know if other countries pay out to disabled folks the way the U.S. does, but I would venture to guess they don't have quite the same program which allows for greater mobility when it comes to our disabled citizens.

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not really. English people do not tend to talk far too loudly like Americans can and which is likely to get them in to trouble here. They also wait patiently in line which curiously, Americans find commendable when English people do it, but contemptible, when Filipinos do.


English people do not tend to talk far too loudly like the Americans?


The English I have met are just as loud and boisterous as some Americans I have run across and I really don't understand why you think we don't like it when Filipinos wait patiently in line.

As a matter of fact, have you ever seen a Filipino standing "patiently" in line?

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probably cause there are more Americans. I bet if there were as  many Americans running around Juarez as there are Cebu, the numbers would be shocking

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It's all in the timing. It's alllllll in the timing. Soooo, what's your schedule for the next week or so, pal? 



Well, let's see, I guess I can clean my Uzi and set the sights in on my old Colt 45, out on my front porch, but other than that, my schedule is open.

Oh, and I'll probably be wearing my favorite white shirt with the bullseye on the chest.

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white people are hard to tell apart.
if I was walking down the street in the Philippines and see a white person how do I know where their from? white American, white german, white English, white French, white Canadian...on and on. (I can see the jokes coming)
do these studies just call all murders of white people in other countries americans?
I think we stand out in the crowd where we are a minority.
my uncle once said..working for general motors and driving a ford to work is standing out. he said that 25 years ago now everybody drives a Toyota...haha

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I do get your point of view now Whippy, and I agree. The Philippines has a more vicious side than Thailand or lets say Cambodia, Laos or Malaysia. I have been roaming around Asia for 5 years now and have met Americans in all parts of this continent and only in the Philippines one of my American friends was shot 4 times in the head last year. So that does say something.

Why do they need armed guards even at small bakery stores, restaurants and hotels you think?


The Philippines is more like Central and South America in a way, but with an Asian switch to it. Some would blame Western colonization, but im not sure if that makes sense. However, most heavily Spanish colonized countries do share similar characteristics nowadays... blatant poverty, high number of homeless people and squatters in the Metro areas, glue sniffing street kids in the open, macho-type behaviour, uncontrolable corrupation, very slow development of infrastructure outside of the capital, high crime rates, serious concerns about security and safety even among the locals, etc. 

My telephone was snatched in the Philippines once by a guy who clearly did that for a living, my slippers and shoes were stolen when I left them outside of my door, my American friend was shot 4 times in his head last year, a friend of mine was arrested by Police at his condo in Cebu after he had sex with a 20-something girl and her sister found out and forced her to file a case of rape against him- even they had been having sex for a few weeks already and she voluntarely went to his condo-  total cost for freedom: 7000 US$. Im sorry but that shit simply doesnt that often in the neighboring countries, atleast, not to any of my friends. So why does it happen only to my friends in the Philippines? Well, like I said, theres something vicious about that place.

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