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Directions to Tay Tay

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Im flying into airport in manila early in morning. How can i get to Tay Tay besides taxi? How long will it take at 6:30 am? Thanks

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i can tell you how to get there by private car, but I have no idea how to commute there by bus. If you want to tell the taxi driver the route to take and sound like you know where your going, tell him to take C6. I would guess it would take about an hour , maybe a bit more, at that time of day if everything was going in your favor. By bus? I would expect a lot longer. 


You could also tell him to take C5 to Ortegas Ext. It all depends on traffic and luck of the draw which would be faster. I haven't been on C6 in a while but I know it was falling apart (literally) due to corruption in build quality and too many trucks, so C5 to Ortegas Ext might be just as good a route. 


Don't expect anyone to use the meter (except for yellow airport taxi). 


I guess you could also jump jnto a taxi and go to Market Market in the fort, there is a major transport terminal there which could probably find a Uvan or something to get to TayTay. At least you are headed in the right direction going there. Don't expect any of this to be efficient, but I take it your in no hurry or on a budget if you don't want to take a taxi anyway.


Or get yourself to the major terminal in Ortegas - surely they will have a bus to TayTay. 

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