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Perfect Paint Job For The Philippines


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This!! Insanely awesome new colour changing "paramagnetic paint" technology!

At the press of a button, the paint changes colour by adjusting the voltage of an electrical current sent through the vehicle's bodywork. I promise I've been good Santa... (kind of)

The technology works by running a current through a special polymer applied to the vehicle before painting. This polymer contains particles of 'paramagnetic' iron oxide. With the application of an electric current, the spacing of the oxide's crystals is adjusted, affecting their level of light reflection and thus our colour perception.

Cars, being rather conductive metal objects, are therefore the perfect medium for such a technology, with the small current maintaining a particular colour. However, with no current, such as when the car is turned off, the paint would return to its default colour of white.



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The control current may interfere with GPS reception, thus rendering it less desirable as a getaway car… :D

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