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Between forigner bar and filipino owned;



THE Cebu City Anti-Indecency Board (CCAIB) closed down a KTV bar in Barangay Mabolo yesterday for allegedly conducting lewd shows.


Personnel from the Office of the Mayor, CCAIB and the Prevention Restoration Order Beautification and Enhancement (Probe) served the closure order to Anabella Mancia, human resource manager of Las Vegas KTV Music Lounge.


City Hall personnel padlocked the doors of the bar, located on the second floor of APM Square in Mabolo.


CCAIB Chief Lucille Mercado said they conducted surveillance of the bar last July 9 and 24 and saw women allegedly dancing half-naked on stage.


“We already warned them after the inspection but they committed the same violation,”

said Mercado.


CCAIB conducted another surveillance at the bar on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 and witnessed lewd shows.


When officials of Las Vegas KTV Music Lounge were called to explain, they vowed not to hold lewd shows again.


“The board gave them a chance but they failed to comply with what they promised,” said Mercado.


Mercado said Las Vegas KTV Music Lounge violated the City Ordinance 1408, which prohibits indecent and lewd shows inside bars.


Mercado said will not allow the bar to reopen in a year.


Rama hoped that what happened to Las Vegas KTV Music Lounge will serve as a lesson to the other bars.


“The city is not supposed to close business,” he said.


Probe Chief Raquel Arce assured that her team will continue to monitor the bar in case it reopens without the approval of City Hall


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