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Exit Clearance (ECC) for Tourist Visa staying longer than 6 months.

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Hard info to find online. Can I request a mod to pin this?


The ECC is required for people on a tourist visa who have stayed longer than 6 months. It is no longer possible (as of September 2013) to obtain one at the airport. This info does not apply to anyone on any other type of visa as far as I know.  


The ECC (Exit Clearance) must be obtained 3 days prior to your departing flight. This information was obtained through immigration officials and immigration memos/alerts on the official immigration website. The ECC can ONLY be obtained in the Cebu immigration and in the Manila main immigration office. As far as I know this information is only good for the Cebu Immigration office. 


The ECC can be obtained in one day if you come prepared. 


What you'll need to obtain an ECC: 

1. x3 2x2 photos of yourself. (Had mine done in Dumaguete, costs a couple hundred pesos. I recommend having 10 or more made while you are there incase you need more in the future.)

2. Filled out and notarized ECC form. (I paid 150 pesos near immigration in Cebu.)

3. Icard (or an official receipt for icard) 

4. 1 photocopy of icard or official receipt for icard. 

5. 1 photocopy of passport (page with name/picture, page with entry date and page with current visa.) 

6. 1 photocopy of filled out notarized ECC form. 

* You can never have too many copies here. I always have 3 copies of everything made just incase. 


Work flow at Cebu Immigration Office:

1. Take requirements to review desk located to the left after walking through the doors. If everything is good you will be told to take papers to window 1 (receiving window). Hand them the papers then go wait for them to call your name. 

2. Once your name is called go pick up papers and take to Cashier Window. Have 500 pesos ready. Go wait for your name to be called again.

3. When called you will go sign the papers and have thumb prints put on ECC form(s). Wait for name to be called again . Once name called and you have your papers you are finished.

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What an absolute waste of everything. Typical bureaucratic bullshit. 3 pictures? WTF for? Thumb prints onto a piece of paper LOL. This is an example of how backwards this country is and why it will just go on and on filled with crab mentality people trying to climb their way out of the bucket - a bucket filled with shit.

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this was my experience back in may of 2013,i got my ecc 21 days before my flight.


Posted 04 May 2013 - 09:11 PM



I traveled to Cebu to visit my expat friend and also mainly to get ecc for tourist visa past 6 months stay as I am in month 12, Iloilo city does not have authority to issue one.I arrived in Cebu Tuesday night and on wed morning I find out its labor day and govt is closed.On Thursday I go to the new boi in giasiano mall mactan as friend lives in lapu lapu but the mactan office only does visa renewals so now on the way to manduane.




Arrive at 9.am and the place is standing room only,i get in a line and quickly I am handed the ecc paperwork from a big fat dude whom was very informative in answering my questions.It took me 2 minutes to fill out paperwork and then back in line to fat man and gave him my passport and 3 pictures with paperwork I filled out,again very quick line only a couple minutes both times.He didn't need any of my passport stamp receipts or proof of airline ticket on date leaving because I was not over stayed to this point,if I was a to date overstayer then airline flight out and stamp receipts will be needed.




He took my passport and ecc and took them to processing and soon I was called to see the cashier and paid her total of 500php and then I sat down again and later was called to get fingerprinted and then sat down and then at the 2 hour mark I was called to processing window and handed my completed and approved ecc.




I rate this experience as a grade A,the day after labor day and a packed house and 2 hours was painless.I did witness some bad anger by one expat,he was wearing slippers and was told to exit the building but he got pissed and he was pointing out others at their footwear including guys wearing crocs with no socks and assorted sandals with no socks and he then went outside and came back in with a armed guard and went to certain individuals and pointed at their shoes and then pointed out that the ladies had slippers on albeit they were nice fashion slippers but slippers they were but according to the guard woman are allowed to wear slippers.




The dude then went out and I guess rented some shoes cause he came back in and did his extension,Other guys were so loud in explaining their problem to whomever was dealing with them as if they talked as though they were screaming at them and from what I could make out it had to do with overstaying and someone other than them fecked it up so they pleaded

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