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So you are an American and you had a baby in the Philippines!

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Don't you need to do a DNA test as well? How much does it cost?

I cut this from a us consulate website......similar verbiage is at many state department websites. The information applies to unmarried parents.


"If the child’s father is American, the mother is an alien and the parents are not married the child must be legitimized by the biological father before the child’s 18th birthday. Documentation of this official and legal recognition must be provided, as well as an affidavit of paternity and a written agreement to provide financial support until the child’s 18th birthday. DNA testing may also be required, and all costs incurred are borne by the applicant. In such cases, we need all documents available in order to assist you."

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ed villas

If you do it online, it's only a few business days to get the NSO birth certificate delivered to your home in the Phils.

 I respect your post but i must disagree on a small part of your post


.if the NSO is already there Then your post is 100% correct without any doubt

but that doesnt appear to be the issue/case at hand,,,,


After a child is born the COLB is not sent to the NSO



 the COLB  is sent from hospital to the LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY can take up to 30days,

then its filed at the city hall./civil registry


 THEN it can take MONTHS not few business days to get the NSO entered in the SYSTEM

only then can you obtain the REAL NSO .

 what i have read on the pinoy forums , is that one can have it expedited to the NSO


NOTE if your doing the Birth certificate or COLB check it and double check it for

SPEELING ERRORS and any others.

if  your child is a BOY make sure they do it . list it as male/boy.

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ed villas

So Day one - the baby is born...

Sometime thereafter you sign on some paperwork to get a Philippine birth certificate.

How long did it take you to receive your NSO birth certificate?

to get the NSO can take MONTHS, you can get a LRCO(thats the local certified copy) with in days(sometimes the same day)

after its submitted

You can have the NSO expedited from the city to NSO that can reduce the time by days or weeks

YET THE issue will be once it arrives at NSO when will it be ENTERED ON THE DATA BASE,

with all the good advice that appears on this site,


LOOK at the PINOY BASED sites that can give a different and perhaps more clearer info that you need.

I guess that is the key question. Since nothing can start until the NSO birth certificate is in your hands, that is the key. I know how long it took us to receive our NSO marriage certificate.

It was MONTHS. What a piece of shit this governmental body is.


They work like snails. So I can only assume it takes a while for such birth certificates to be produced.


if you have $$ extra then that can help speed things along.


I would really appreciate some feedback from anyone who has experienced this situation.


Please mention how long ago you experienced your 'experience.' Thanks!


 remember some of the employees are not the Brightest of the crop, they are only human.

always be KIND,respectful to them even if your PISSED as it could delay or even mess up your paperwork

 i have included a COLB so you can review of what is needed.


on the space it wants your cedula i used either my home country passport

or drivers license,

if you have your ACR card you could use that in my case i didnt,   

they said its not allowed but i explained thats my "TRUE"identity  document

birth colb.htm



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Thanks everyone for your responses.


Based on a few things that have transpired here in the last 24 hours even including this information, I have decided that having a baby in this shit hole is not for me or my unborn daughter. I am packing up and heading out. Will have her born on US soil. This is the closest thing to hell on earth. Since I have the ability to choose for my daughter where she will be born, I choose not to risk the potential of her being stuck in this shit hole due to some clerical error, by a crab mentality dickless wonder. Christian country my ass. Or even worse some medical error due to incompetence by people who just don't care about anything but themselves. 


I won't even grace this place with her name on the register of citizens. If she ever wants to visit this shithole she can come in on a BB with her mom or on a tourist visa with her US passport. 

And besides, if she wants to become president someday there won't be any controversy.  :dance:


I feel sorry for anyone who can't leave this place. 

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This is enough for the embassy?

Sorry, but I'm a bit skeptical....


What embassy?

I used the consulate office at Waterfront.

what is the benefits from ss. do i need to be on ss to receive?


They receive about half of what you receive and you do need to be in an active account in order for the child to draw unless they are disabled.

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