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Everybody lies...

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with Philippine families...and the level of lies...is extraordinary...


Thats the thing though. I have a bloody good bullshit meter and so far she has been honest with me to the point where I have to say I trust her.


And that is really weird coming from me.


I am still waiting to catch her out on a lie but in all honesty it does not seem to be going to happen.

Either she is really good( and I mean u would have to be a bloody miracle worker to pull one over on me) or she is just honest and lovely.

I think it is the latter as everyone that meets her loves her.

She just hates people that use other people and to be honest I think before she met me she had never felt love from another person.

I think that says a lot about her family

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Don't start a thread, and then report a post in it because someone voiced their opinion.


While I deleted the post, this thread has now come to an end. So, everyone loses.

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