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My first 2 month extension

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"Is this extension 2 calendar months or another 59 days? "


Hi Paddy,


I entered the Philippines on February 13, 2013 and my current visa expires February 13, 2014. All of my extensions in between ended on the 13th of the month, too. Went through the whole process and it seems that the day of the month remains the same regardless of calendar month.


"Legaspi is a nice little town with a huge volcano in its back yard. Cebu is a traffic nightmare but it also has some interesting places to visit (I particularly like the Taoist temple). It's a 2 hour ferry ride and a 1+ hour drive to get to Legaspi or a 1 hour flight to get to Cebu. However, the primary purpose of the trip is to extend my visa. Which office would you choose or is there no real preference?"


Not sure if Clark airport is convenient to you, but there is an immigration office in Clak Economic Freeport Zone (near Angeles City), Clark was a joy for visa extensions. Seats maybe 30 people, everything was so quick and easy, I was never in there for more than 45 minutes.


"I looked at the extension form and read a comment of Salty Dog's. The instructions say complete all the spaces on the form. Does anyone know what page 2 is for? Who, for example, is the Petitioner? I am pretty sure I am the Applicant."


At the Clark immigration office, the extension form was always a single page. I have never seen a page 2.


Hope these observations help,



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Salty Dog

Where will you be staying that is a two hour ferry ride and a 1+ hour drive to Legazpi?


The page two was part of the downloaded form from the official site. I've never used it.

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This is simply not true.  I live here.  I drive here every day.  Just avoid the rush hours when people are going/returning from work.


If you want to know what traffic is, just ask Monsoon, who lives in NCR.

Yeah like betwwen 6am and 9pm

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