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For a Sari Sari .. Load is a staple commodity.  Not only does a re-seller  earn the 7 - 10 %  but also they earn 2 pesos per transaction.  Load also is a regular draw  that brings customers back so that buy other things.    The problem with load business for the seller is that margin's are so small that if the loading system is unreliable and the system mistakenly adds load or is so slow the customer walks away in frustration  all profit can be lost easily.    A fast secure system is paramount.     A system which uses one sim card to load all networks cuts down on the expense of getting started with all three networks.


Now why would you Load a large amount?     So you don't run out at in opportune times.   You can load your own load wallet.   then send an E load for the code  promo you want and receive the freebie texts. etc.. 


You don't keep a bunch of cash at home your rotate your load ... You top up your load wallet at the bank...   sell load from your phone (depleting your wallet).. then go back to the bank and buy more load wallet.  ...You keep growing your own load wallet with the proceeds of you sales.   There is no need for a lot of cash  to be laying around the house. 


The load business deals in a daily need.   Food, Shelter, Clothing , and LOAD.   80  million pinoys buy load and there is no need for expensive stock overhead or trips to load up on supplies.   Its a great business.

Absolutely agree...as part of SariSari store it's great, but alone it only small profit with risk of mistakes. Selling softdrink or cigarettes together with Load makes the balance.

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We  replenish one eload retailer that is setup on Fuente and he is buying 5 -  7K daily.    He has busy location.. sells coffee, and  grade A sneaker knock offs..   so just on the eload % alone he makes over 350 pesos daily   plus he charges 2 pesos per transaction.    I estimate he makes over 600 pesos a day selling load with no overhead.  Not bad.     We have some students that pass load at university and make over 100 Pesos  daily just sending to their classmates part time.  Again no overhead, just their cell phone.   Must be using a fast system so you get repeat business.  No one wants to wait around hours or even days for a load to que up. 

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I think we are referring to cash out transactions rather than eload when we refer to holding a lot of cash.


No need for any actual cash at home when doing only eload.



Ok I Gotcha.. I was skimming ;) 

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