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Don't bother going to Yellowstone it'll be coming to you


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Previous eruptions of the Yellowstone supervolcano have occurred 2,000,000 years ago, 1,300,000 years ago, and 640,000 years ago. I know eruption intervals aren't always exact  (they seldom are) on volcanoes...but how is the volcano overdue for an eruption when it hasn't even reached the typical 700,000 year mark yet? There are a few things we should remember if it does erupt in our time. First, it will likely end civilization as we know it since it would likely turn the day to night for about three to five years and likely jumpstart the next ice age. Second, even if they can predict it, there is nothing they can do to prevent it or mitigate the results. Third, the closer to the equator you live, the more chance of survival you have (but it will likely be cold even at the equator). Your chances for survival increase if you still have the ability to produce and/or store food. Without that, you are doomed...so learn how to farm.


Their is less land mass and much more water in the southern hemisphere so temps would be moderated a lot more there also because of the Coriolis effect a lot less of the ash would even be in the southern hemisphere. Though your odds would be a lot better there it would still be disastrous.


Edit: Of course it goes without saying the northern hemisphere would be screwed and it would at least cause a mini ice age maybe even trigger a full one.

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It might wipe out America, but I am not so sure about affecting civilisation. lol

The global ash cloud would greatly reduce the sunlight hitting the ground, trees would die off world wide due to reduced light, crops would fail, the global trade in goods and food and finance would pretty much stop as the governments of the world went into crisis mode and stockpiled what that have...the end of civilisation as we know it, a mass extinction event.


The Philippines has 2 super calderas, former super volcanoes.

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