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Damage to Camp 7 area?

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Is anyone familiar with the area about 5 Km north of Naga? Camp 7 is located on the Camp 8 road just off the Cebu-Toledo Warf road. Looks to be in valley between some rather steep hills if I remember my topography.




I have a friend – not GF, haven’t met only video chatted – who has asked me to move into her house with her. Just started chatting again after 7 months – my choice. I asked if her place was damaged by typhoon / earthquake. Said yes. Won’t say how much. She hasn’t asked for money, knows I wouldn’t send any without my being there.


Anyone know how much there was in that area? 



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When you said Camp 7, I was thinking of the police camp, just south of Sibonga, Cebu - RMG (Regional Mobile Group) 7. That's where all the police are trained, for Region 7. I lived there for a while, with JJ's family.

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That's why I included map link - several Camp 7s if just Googled name.

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Nice lady but wants me to live in province right away. Only 2,700 people as of 2007. Had 6,000 in my high school.


Not ready for either another relationship or being that laid back.

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Camp 7 is on the Toledo Wharf Road just after 'Manapis'.  Then there is the junction south to our dirt track Green Trail Ride favourite  'The Bamboo Trail' and then a road (much improved, only dirt in places),  North to Sinsin, and Trans Central Highway, or turn off and head East via Mak ak,  Buot-Taop and Bonbon and Trans Central Highway near Babag.
Travel west further along the Toledo Wharf Road past Manapis, and you reach Camp 7.

There is a rough road up into the mountains and Sitio Cadulawan and the excavated pits of the mining.  We have done several Green Trail Rides up in the mountains there, and you can find photos and video of the area.





The Toledo Wharf Road was being widened in several places and supposedly made safer from landslides and falling racks (after someone was killed from a falling rock about a year or two back).

SUMMARY of Camp 7 area,

Small and quiet, not many people, or amenities, and only small stores.  You will have to go to Talisay for many things that you wont find locally.  We have stopped for a liquid refreshment there and the people are friendly and hospitable (and the beer was cheap and cold).


I would suggest having a motorcycle for transport, as this will get through when Toledo Wharf Road is closed to cars, due to road widening (if still ongoing - I have been here in China for last 4 months so have not ridden Toledo Wharf Road recently). A motorcycle gives more options for taking different routes and exploring the area, like we do on our Green Trail Rides.  There are still areas we have yet to explore from Lubas to Campo Otso and Apid.  We want to see if a motorcycle can get from Apid down to Cantabaco?

Perhaps your nice lady and her family and friends can give us some local guidance and you join in as well?  We would only attempt this in dry weather as our attempt from Cantabaco up to Apid was aborted as it was wet and the clay like mud made it impossible (and would be dangerous in the other direction - sliding down).  

You can see from the 10m contour lines, it is rather steep down to the Toledo Wharf Road, so may only be suitable on foot.


Happy Trails

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It should be fine but moving in with her and you have never meet her her family or been to the house and the area in person. I would get a hotel room in the city first . Then go for a visit before doing anything there are so many scams here you never know but there are a lot of very nice people too. The old saying goes it is allways better to be safe then sorry or a court case againist you or in jail in the Philippines.


Take care

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