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Solar Car Ports & Other Innovative Ideas


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Solar Carport System Solution-Full Cantilever Tee



Product Details :




To provide the world with clean and endless energy, PL ENERGY innovates, designs and manufactures a range of solar mounting products including Roof series, Ground series, Carport series and BIPV series. Our goal is to bring the best value to our customers by offering the latest advances in solar technology and vertically integrated manufacturing solutions worldwide.

PL ENERGY adopts the double column structure, with a simple and beautiful appearance, exquisite and stable structure, on-site installation without welding can be achieved, and with high reliability; to meet the structural carrying capacity features combined with practical, optimize the use of materials.

WHY choosing solar Carport system 
Solar carport projects are an exceptionally advantageous way to implement solar power use. They are cost efficient to install, as well as maintain, and provide the added advantage of a covered structure. With the advancement of solar technology, construction costs of carports are minimized and power production is maximized through the use of newly developed inverters as well as effectual designs. See our designs section for an overview on the different design structures double pole, semi cantilever, full cantilever, or a custom design.

At PL ENERGY., we understand that every commercial carport project is different and requires a comprehensive analysis with respect to regional building-code requirements and unique site conditions. 
Our design team works closely with other staff members to ensure a successful outcome for your commercial carports and solar project. For instance, they work closely with our specialized sales staff to ensure that the structural design of your steel carports not only satisfy regional building-code requirements, but are consistent with the architectural intent.
Our approach to carport design is simple:

PL ENERGY OFFERS Project development and Fulfillment services: 
Site layout and coverage configuration.
Architectural design and structural engineering.
PV panel analysis - layout, alignment, orientation and optimization.
Project quoting and presentation.
High resolution digital project preview 
Steel Fabrication and delivery.

Advantages of Solar carports and structural steel trellis systems:
1. Solar carports offer simplified and economical alternatives to complex and expensive ground mount and roof mount systems.
2. Solar carports Utilize existing parking areas to generate power without sacrificing valuable real estate.
3. Solar carports provide shaded or covered parking for autos.
4. By utilizing Parking areas in addition to existing building roofs solar carports can vastly increase the overall energy production of your solar project.
5. Permanent solar trellis and solar carports systems require little to no maintenance and allow easy access to panels for service and repair.
6. Solar powered carports and trellis structures are Custom Designs so as to position and align panels for optimization.



A Carport that shades the car, keeps the rain off, and generates electricity!

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Solar Bus Stop

Novel and innovative Marketing idea.


Bus Stop Shelters that protect waiting passengers from  the sun and the rain, whilst generating electricity to power LED Screens to display information and adverts. 


The revenue from such advertising, funding the supply of the bus shelter, and thereafter making profits for maintenance etc.



Product Details :

Solar Bustop system 
The whole solar bus stop system components will have solar panels, mounting kits, LED Display, inverters, batteries, bus chair, and water proof glasses. 
Panel spe : 1960*990*50 mm 
Wind loading : 33m /s
Snow Load : 0.3 kN/ m2
Materials : aluminum 
bus top size : Length 6meter, Front Height : 2.5 meter , Back height : 4.5 meter
Customized if clients has more request.


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I like this idea, a LOT!


You have a room facing South that gets a lot of sun from late morning and through the afternoon, and it gets pretty hot, especially from the sun coming through those South facing windows.  
You considered tinting the windows, or adding an awning/blinds.


Here is an answer - no AC power required, and no inverter required either, (the special 'split- type) aircon unit runs off DC power).  


Optional Battery for running the Aircon, after the sun has gone down!


Mount the Solar panels over those South Facing windows and providide shade for the rooms as well (that helps stop the room getting so hot).

I have already contacted the supplier in China, to get pricing information and any MOQ's.


Pure solar air conditioner system PL-SAC-9H/C


Catelogue: Solar Air Conditioners
Hits: 138
* 100% driven by solar energy, 100% energy saving
* 48V DC power drive, no inverter required, no AC power required.
* Deep cycle batteries as energy bank for overnight operation, over 8 hours’ back up time.
* DC inverter permanent magnet compressors
* DC brushless indoor and outdoor fan motors

Product Details :
Main features for Off grid :
* 100% driven by solar energy, 100% energy saving
* 48V DC power drive, no inverter required, no AC power required.
* Deep cycle batteries as energy bank for overnight operation, over 8 hours’ back up time.
* DC inverter permanent magnet compressors
* DC brushless indoor and outdoor fan motors
* Lowest energy consumption, lowest noise level
* Lowest energy loss, SEER>19
* R134a CFC free refrigerant, Eco-friendly
* Short investment recovery period (1-3 years)
* CE approved
Options to changed into Hybrid system from Off grid: 
Hot sale Areas:
* Area with abundant sunshine (South Europe, Africa, Middle-east, South Asia, Latin America; 
* Small islands (Caribbean area etc)
* Faraway area without AC power supply (telecom station in mountains, refuge shelters, tour leisure camp tents, temporary building etc)
* Marine use (yacht, vessel etc)
* Area with expensive electricity power supply or often power failures
* Anywhere with 48V DC supply

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15 amperes at 48vdc, continuous - NOT including start up, which would be about 45 amperes at 48vdc. 

Mate, you are talking some SERIOUS money for a 48v battery bank to run that for 8 to 10 hours, at least 12 hours, in reality, to give the sun time to pop up its head.


Then, get into the array size to feed that hungry bear. No thanks. For the energy that an a/c unit eats, I could run TONs of other things.

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300w-100kw wind & solar hybrid home power system (off-grid)


MagLev - the theory of magnetic levitation technology


Fan motor will be rotated by wind without any mechanical friction in the motor case. 

No lubricant, no gear, once wind of Grade 1 comes, 

high-performance power generation, smooth operation.

Now that is a neat wind turbine!

Small, compact, and able to fit almost almost anywhere there is a good breeze
 > > >








Product Details :

 Wind & Solar hybrid system makes use of solar and wind power to generate electricity simultaneously, therefore it can utilize weather resources more effectively. Generating electricity day and night can be realized. In appropriate weather conditions, Wind and Solar complementary system can improve the continuity and stability of generation. As there is always strong wind at night, the product can complement well, it would reduce the system's solar panel deployment and greatly cut the cost. The initial investment and generation cost of system's unit capacity are lower than independent photovoltaic system.

PL ENERGY has been committed itself to the global environmental protection all the time, through the unremitting efforts of PL ENERGY people, we have realized a series of product development and application from 300W to 100KW for maglev vertical wind turbine, and made a big leap from traditional wind power generation 3m / s to 1m / s breeze generation. Each our wind turbine can be tailored according to the geographical differences in climate in the world. E.g. PL ENERGY brand CXF ~ 300W, CXF 1000W, Both models are specially designed for cold and windy area. and each series of wind turbine can be independent or combined use.

When it is used Independently, wind turbine is a gyro-shaped type, also called the combined Darrieus-Savonius hybrid wind turbine, while maglev wind turbine systems are embraced by “four-post” type which was initiated by PL ENERGY people, the design as: wind turbines are fixed in the center of four pillars, the combined Darrieus-Savonius hybrid wind turbine is firmly anchored on the center bar of four-post to form a free-running complete system. When the external wind push wind turbine running, the system improve the stability of wind turbine largely under the condition that application of the four-post "does not affect the normal operation of the wind turbine.

While the rotation of wind turbine can be designed freely, such as when a wind turbine rotates clockwise, the second wind turbine rotates anticlockwise, in this way the combined system can effectively avoid resonance of wind turbine, which make the frequency of each rotation direction offset to further stabilize the wind turbine.

PL ENERGY who invented the world's first maglev wind turbine system has successfully resolved difficulties that the street lights don’t need to access grid power to meet the illumination standard, and achieve 100% energy efficiency and zero carbon emissions.

With the growing problem of global warming and environmental crisis. TIMAR people would like to communicate and learn with global environmentalists, advocate the use of clean energy to let Earth ecology recover gradually and give the world a blue sky!


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15 amperes at 48vdc, continuous - NOT including start up, which would be about 45 amperes at 48vdc. 


Mate, you are talking some SERIOUS money for a 48v battery bank to run that for 8 to 10 hours, at least 12 hours, in reality, to give the sun time to pop up its head.


Then, get into the array size to feed that hungry bear. No thanks. For the energy that an a/c unit eats, I could run TONs of other things.



I am waiting for pricing information on some of their products/systems.


Also pricing of their Battery packs and which one needed for such Solar Air Conditiner.


I'ts got to be more efficient than converting DC from Solar Panels into AC via Inverter, then running conventional  240V AC main split type Aircon, I would expect.


The battery only needs to match the power output of the PV Panel, since that runs the aircon unit during the day, surely



48V LiFePO4 Battery Pack


Lifepo4 battery pack 48v 25A

Catelogue: 48V LiFePO4 Battery Pack


Safety: safest Li-Ion battery, CE UL approved


built-in protection circuit board (BMS),

no fire, no explosion

Clean and Green energy, no toxic material contained

Long life cycle, > 2000 times deep cycle at 1C rate, 6-8 times of lead acid battery >


Products Features: 

1. Safety: safest Li-Ion battery, CE UL approved, built-in protection circuit board (BMS),

no fire, no explosion

2. Clean and Green energy, no toxic material contained

3. Long life cycle, > 2000 times deep cycle at 1C rate, 6-8 times of lead acid battery

4. No memory effect, highly efficient charge anytime, no reduction of capacity

5. Operation temperature: -20~70C

6. Small size and light weight: 1/2 size of lead acid battery,

70% size of Ni-MH Ni-Cd battery, 1/2 weight of lead acid battery

7. Good performance at high temperature and high temperature resistance

8. Low self-discharge rate: < 3% monthly



1. Large-scale electric vehicles: electric bus, electric car, E-Tour Car

2. Light electric car: e-bike, electric scooter,e-motor, electric golf car, forklift,

cleanness car, electric wheelchairs

3. E-tool: electric drill, electric saw, lawn mower and so on

4. Remote control cars, boat, aircraft, toys

5. Solar and wind power generation energy storage devices

6. Small medical equipment and portable equipment


Model   Standard    Standard                 Size                            Weight

             Voltage( V) Capacity ( Ah) 

PL48-10      48                 10                365.1*138.1*90(mm)   About  6.0 (kg)

PL48-15      48                 15                280*185*190(mm)                   9.0 (kg)

PL48-20      48                 20                300*300*88(mm)         About 10.0 (kg)

PL48-25      48                 25                323*171*215(mm)       About 15.0 (kg)

PL48-30      48                 30                400*165*150(mm)       About 16.5 (kg)

PL48-40      48                 40                530*165*150(mm)       About 22.0 (kg)

PL48-50      48                 50                360*220*262(mm)                 35.0 (kg)

PL48-100    48               100                430*320*262(mm)                 62.0 (kg)

PL48-200    48               200                560*360*200(mm)                 68.0 (kg)

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I am waiting for pricing information on some of their products/systems.


Also pricing of their Battery packs and which one needed for such Solar Air Conditiner.


I hope you are sitting down when you get them. I bet they are going to cost a cow, a calf, and two bull yearling.

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Aren't the terminals a little close to the grab handle?


I have batteries here, that you put the cables under the molded handles, to connect to the terminals. 

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Solar powered freezer 188L


Catelogue: Solar Fridge/Freezers


With single top door and door lock 
enviroment-friendly refrigerant R134a
connect with DC power source directly e. G solar power source 

connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adaptor. 

High temperature resistance design and energy saving design > > > >

Product Details :

 Solar powered freezer 188L

--Fully hermetic domus compressor with integrated control electronics, 
--cooling performance: -18 º Cat 30º C ambient temperature 
--total freezer with drawers 
--automatically turn off when low input voltage to prodect product 
--With single top door and door lock 
--enviroment-friendly refrigerant R134a 
--connect with DC power source directly e. G solar power source 
--connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adaptor 
--High temperature resistance design and energy saving design

Product namesolar freezer 
Model BR188C4 
Power consumption 72W 
Input voltage DC12V/24V 
Capacity 188Litres 
Product size(mm) 1050(L)*570(W)*855(H) 
Carton size(mm) 1105(L)*625(W)*900(H) 
N. W. /G. W(KG) 38/41 
Accessory AC/DC adaptor 
MOQ1*20FT(can mix) 
Loading quantity 44pcs/20GP, 92pcs/40GP, 92pcs/40HQ


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Norman 40/40 Flash Power Supply

Near Unused Condition Works Great
115v 4000watt Two Channel Power
Supports 4 Lampheads Across Two Boards
Hardware Malfunction Alarm


So how would these work out for a solar setup ??

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PL ENERGY supplied 50 sets of wind solar hybrid solar street LED lights to Australian client

Date:2013/11/12 17:03:56 

Oct 25, 2013-PL ENERGY LED dept got the great news that 50 sets of wind solar hybrid solar LED street lights 60W has been installed and worked very well at present. 

These hybrid solar street led lights are typically designed according to client local weather details after communicating for several times. 
The components as bellowed : 
--high efficient solar led lights 60W 
--300W magnetive wind generator 
--180W solar panels 
--smart solar street controllers. 
--Deep cycle Gel solar batteries
--9 meters pole 
--Supported 3-5 rainy days. 

“ It is very impossible for us to install traditional street lights during this areas. We need to dig up the road, bury the cables, connect the grid, which will need lots of time and energy , cost on them. “ Said by Mr. Barry Wood, Lakecrest Pty Ltd, “ we have much enough wind energy per year , so we finally choose wind solar hybrid solar led street lights and choose the solutions from PL ENERGY because PL ENERGY has full experience on this kind of led street light solutions. ”

“ We are pleased to cooperate with Mr. Barry Wood to develop solar led street lighting products, “ said by Ms Abby Wang, Sales Manager of PL ENERGY LED business dept, “ we have years experience on R&D for solar led street lighting product and our led factory can offer very competitive led street light products to clients. “ 

Founded in 2006, PL ENERGY is a global leader in the development of solid-state lighting technology, specializing in the production of Solar led street lights, LED light tubes and panel lights. Our vision is a world powered by green energy where everybody can afford LED lamps and enjoy a low-carbon lifestyle.



I have seen these more 'conventional' wind turbines coupled with PV solar Cells, on street lamps here in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province.


I like the compact size and look of those Savonius_wind_turbine versions (thanks goldote for educating me on the name of them, and I have given Wikipedia URL)


However it looks more like a combined Darrieus-Savonius wind turbine generator



Combined Darrieus-Savonius generator




See these also, to learn more about Savonius generator:-



Solar-Wind Street Lights 50W solar-400W Wind PL SWR001

Catelogue: Solar-wind Hybrid Street Lights



Suitable for remote area or public gird is inefficient place
High illumination and quality LED with long-life span
Easy installation and clean energy
Maintenance free rechargeable batteries

Product Details :

Solar-Wind Street Lights  50W solar-400W Wind 

LED lamp 40pcs CREE LEDs, 2*12V50W 
 38lux on the floor 
Color temperature: 6500K
Pole 7m high, steel, with galvanizing treatment
Solar panel 35V120W, poly/monocrystalline
Conversion efficiency: 17%
Wind turbine 400W
Controller 24V special for solar & wind hybrid street lamp
Battery 24V120AH, deep recycles gel storage battery
Working time 10hr/d, 6H full-energy mode +4H energy-saving mode,3 continued overcast & raining days.


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Total Power (Watt-Seconds):  4000W



Pretty good for flash lights I guess, if you want to set up a photo studio

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