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Has the Philippines as a whole changed their veiws on foreingers living and visiting in the RP


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I am more interested in how people see this.

I personally have not noticed that much of a change other then the stares I get with me and my partner ( which bothers her more than me as I just don't give a feck.. maybe she needs to meet a few of the SO's here so she can learn how to deal with it)


I too have learn't bisaya and but use it rarely as English and tagalog are the only two offical languages here and I prefer to act dumb.


I have noticed a difference in towns to towns from filipinos though.

When I was living in cebu most people just didnt care except for a few dongs that were mainly from the labor sector( they love to yell out things but lets be honest that shut happens back home to).

Here in dumaguete I have noticed a strange almost fed up attitude but I also think that is because the last 5 years here the explosion of foreigners is crazy.


Been hard to meet a few mates here as I do not drink anymore nor do i hangout in bars of clubs as I am sick of drunks and prefer to meet people that have more of a love of this country then a love of p*ssy( but hey that is just me).


Of the well educated locals I deal with and have gone out with they are great, no malice and are very genuine and are amongst my favorite people here in dumaguete.

When i was president of rotary it in cebu it was great too.

But I have met a hell of a lot of guys that say there is or has been lately a subtle change to how people view and treat us here. And I just wanted to hear your views on it here also.


I was expecting the same comments from the same guys and it is always the same same.

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Considering the reception they gave Magellan, I believe attitudes towards foreigners have actually improved over the years.

Only slightly diverging from topic, I think this thread should give us all pause to consider how our interactions with Filipinos affects each others' quality of life. I personally take this so far as

well keeping on topic i think most would agree your behavior in person when interacting with the local people is a much more accurate reflection of who one is rather than some tongue-in-cheek trip rep

Some of things I see and hear of the way some Filipino treat their own family are real horror stories. My interaction is a minor event in comparison.

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Canuck Joe

maybe its just me but it seems like the average "successful" suv driving Filipino really think they are something special and love to put themselves above other people and not just foreigners.

It's these ones to who like to generalize thinking all foreigners are pedofile scum drunks.

I've finally trained my daughter to respond "of course he is my daddy, who else would he be"

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When I first came here in 1986...as a teenager, this country scared the hell out of me...and the travel restrictions the Navy gave me, along with all the warnings, was a big part of that fear...


Maybe I should be more concerned about my personal safety here now, than I am, but I feel safer here now than I did in 1986...


Today in Cebu City, we have TGI Friday's, S & R Membership Shopping, Imperial Palace (Lapu Lapu but close enough)...those are not 3rd World Country places...so even though I live in a province of Cebu...this place no longer feels like a 3rd World Country to me...and the people, for the most part, do not act like 3rd World type of people...


I can't say how the people of the Philippines feel toward me...if that has changed...but my feeling toward this country, I feel at home here...and even though we had a huge military base here in 1986...I felt anything but at home....

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This morning I had a bit of a pissed off moment on the bike after me and the partner were coming home from the gym.


Three guys went past us on the bike and said something in bisaya along the lines of "that's money there di"


Anyway I got pissed off and yelled out "unsa problema dong" and then followed him for a bit.


He shit himself and ran thru a few intersections as quick as possible which is lucky as I was pissed off.

I do not know what it is about dumaguete but some of these dongs here have the least amount of respect I have ever seen towards inter racial couples. Its like I am a magnet to the worlds dumbest bastards.


I have never had that really in cebu. Its says like this I wish i was blissfully unaware of what is being said in bisaya. Next time it happens I am following them to their place and taking the cops around and charge them for insults. I think I have had enough of it now that I am starting to get angry....ffs

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