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Hi everybody it's me from the UK


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Thanks Stingray, but i have no wish to exit this world just yet for the dubious delights of Paradise. i don't think i have been quite good enough, instead i expect i'll be shuffled off to the other place  :wink:

I shall see you some day in the Philippines and promise to lubricate your welcome with a Red Horse or two. Take care :)   


Well...good news, Oscar. Here on LinC Forums, everybody stays in "paradise" (the good stuff) unless you are dumb enough to formally ask to be admitted to the dark side. If you ask for that, then you deserve what you get. Enjoy your time in paradise here on LinC Forums (BTW...I think stingray was referring to the Philippines as "paradise"... ).




The Philippines is a good place to live if you can tolerate the foolishness that is all around you here...but it is certainly no paradise. In paradise there is no foolishness. Like you said, though, none of us have been good enough to actually get there...so we settle for the Philippines.

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