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One needs to go with the flow in this place


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not renting my man cave anymore 



I still think it has huge potential as a bahay cubo / poker retreat that you could rent by the weekend for wannabe-bachelors whose wives won't let them have one of their own.

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If they are first timers, you would think that once they got together with their girl, they would want to do nothing BUT stay in the apartment. 

Lets see i am here 2,1/2 months and its been a peach earthquake, typhoon , no internet ,, no phone , no electric and now my renter has moved great month .... For now on i will not let anyone move in u

i understand all too well how stuff happens and really its much better to help out the people then take their money ... bill is a great guy and i understand his frustration and the cost have really gr

Wasn't your new tenant a member of this site? I thought he already knew the pros and cons...

I thought he knew the pros and cons---anothe rexpert mastermind-LOL LMAO-KATAWA-PASTILAN-WOW now thar's a man who knows his pros and cons

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