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A Weeks Groceries Worldwide

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They're just photographs with no real data. it's hard to come to any conclusions based on just the pictures. Even within a country or within a state and even within a city there's a lot of diversity. Los Angeles has Beverly Hills but it also has South Central. This is the main reason that the cost of living threads are so controversial.

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It's the 3rd world ones that are significantly different. and that's to be expected and accepted. They will never be able to produce or import the same amount for consumption.


true, but I sure do try to make the most of what is imported to the Philippines...


I do find myself buying tons more fresh food then processed food, when living in the Philippines because that is what is available...


but I do stash a good amount of canned foods (processed foods) for emergancy...

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One weeks war time rations and upto 1954. For one adult

That is roughly what I buy / eat now.

The exception is milk , as I do drink lots of tea!


But I also grow most of my own veg.

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It is interesting that the common thread in the diet of all of those countries (with the exception on the starving countries in Africa and the people in northern China) is that they all have bananas in their diet. China just doesn't have bananas on their table because they are boycotting Philippine bananas (but they are probably sneaking bananas on the side). If they grew more bananas in those African countries (or somebody shipped them there), then nobody would have to starve... 



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Judging by the TV's in those pics, they were all taken a long time ago.


yes ..... but the vegetables have a fresh look, so I think you're wrong :db:

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