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Pocket wifi


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A little correction




I learned on this thread that i can get a wifi signal thru the Smart sim card on


You are NOT getting  a WIFI  from SMART  it is a 3G  data connection, nothing to do with WIFI


Your phone converts the the 3G data connection to WIFI signal


Happy to know that you got it working, and without spending any money for pocket wifi modem  :yahoo:

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Maybe I'm confused but what do these gizmos do that any recent Android phone can't do?   KonC

But do you have a recent phone that can be "tethered" like an Android?   I have an Android phone that I jump onto Smart internet with. That phone is set to be a wireless "hot spot" as they call it

From what I gather its a battery powered wireless router were you would insert your smart,sun,globe sim card into....You can then pickup wifi for your tablet,phone....etc

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Just one more thing


If you keep the data connection active when the 1 week is up it will start eating what ever

load you have on the sim card at 10php every half hour

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