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Fuel: unleaded or premium?

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My Yamaha XT225 'Serow' Manual says to use 'Unleaded'.


At the pumps this is often the one that is  UNLEADED = GREEN (but is not Green, but a sort of YELLOW in colour)!


However Tony, the ex NORKIS (Yamaha Factory trained in Japan) Mechanic the house next up the hill from us in Lawa-an 1, Talisay, says it better to use PREMIUM - RED  (and it is a sort of RED colour)!  Tony says the Premium Fuel has additives that will help prevent the Carburetter from 'gumming' up (rather essential if you are not using the vehicle for long periods at a time, and don't want to strip down the carb and clean all the orifices, before it will work again properly, if left 'idle' for say 3-6 months or longer).


So Premium Fuel is not just about higher OCTANE, but ADDITIVES also that help prevent Carb Gumming etc. 

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Salty Dog
I've never seen leaded gasoline at any station in Dumaguete or Cebu. The higher octanes are still unleaded. When I Googled it, it said it has been gone for over 10 years.


No more leaded gasoline in Metro Manila January 22, 2000


Last June, Republic Act 8749, better known as the Clean Air Act was signed into law. At that time, it was reported that members of the Philippine Institute of Petroleum Inc. would have to spend P10 billion to comply with the Act. Now, we are happy to say that they not only are going to comply with the provision of phasing out the use of leaded gas by January 2001, they are going to do it even ahead of schedule. Their goal is to relieve of leaded gas by April and the whole country by the end of this year. We congratulate the gasoline companies and our energy officials for this giant step to restore clean air in Metro Manila.


UN: Leaded fuel to be gone by 2013 October 28, 2011


Leaded gasoline is still used in only six nations. Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, North Korea, Myanmar and Yemen are expected to complete the phase-out by 2013, said the U.N., which is assisting those nations.





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What the heck does Lead do for fuel anyway....???  More zip?

This news article from 2001 says Lead has been phased out.  Just more Mis-information from a local who thinks he "knows".




Lead increases horsepower by causing the gasoline to burn hotter and a bit slower.

It was used in older, higher compression vehicles.

Now, that is a quote from a Mobil gasoline salesman when he came to install my unleaded pump at my old station around 1972-73.

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If you want to use unleaded in a multi cab you need to retard the ignition.


who you calling a Retard....???

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Shell V-power Nitro+ Racing (available throughout Luzon, maybe in Cebu, too?) is OK...

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When they got rid of regular (leaded) gasoline in the US, low octane unleaded became "regular", regular unleaded.

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