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Aussie insect question


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Hey All,


Nothing to do with Philippines, but there's a big group of Aussies here, so hoping someone can help.


This insect was buzzing around my garden today in Perth, and is now digging a big burrow.


Im wondering if I should be killing it with insect spray, cause its bad, or leave it alone, cause its good ?


Its quite big, maybe as big as a large cockroach, and a little aggressive when I go near it









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I dont think that the robber fly digs a burrow though, I was thinking a soldier fly.


Being a foreigner, and thinking everything can kill you here, I was more worried it was building a nest, from which I'd have 5 minutes to live when the killer flies emerge & eat me when I have a beer in the garden.

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Half Baked

Step on it! I'm sure there are others. If its the bug I see here where I live, you will have to step on it three or four times to kill it.

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I had one of them to latch on to my leg one time. Cannot remember where it was but maybe around Pilbara , Gascoyne somewhere up there, might have been Karijini National park.   Tried to wipe it off but it kinda clawed to my skin and would not come off.    Had to pull it out and then it got stuck to my finger, bloody bugger, did not know what it was. Was by myself way off the mainroads in the bush and little worried it might have been poisonous. 

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