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I have been reading a lot about solar power lately as our new project in the company. Last weekend, my younger bought solar power set enough to light the house at Php 12K which includes 50-watt mono crystalline panel, charge controller, a battery, 3 LED bulbs and 20 meters cable. We added another 50 watt panel from CDr king and an inverter from emall. Total: Php 16k .. We brought it to Bohol coz they won't have power until Leyte will be Ok. Now, my family back in Bohol can have 24/7 light. My mom insisted to watch her favorite noontime show (12n-3pm) and charge at least five cellphones in the morning. We are planning to add another 2 panels and bigger battery for the ref.. we are working on finding panels since it's selling out quickly.


I have read that the Philippine gov't has already had a law about renewable energy. You might want to read Renewable Energy Act of 2008. So if you want to generate more electricity and sell it to VECO that is already possible. We are not planning to generate more power though but my brother who lives with my mom in Bohol is thinking to continuously use the solar power even the regular power line is back to cut the electricity bill. The panel lasts more than 20 years (hopefully). There are already legit sellers of solar power systems in Cebu but they are quite expensive. You can actually do it yourself with a little bit of googling and youtubing, just like my brother.


With rotational brownouts in the region these days, guess solar power is wise to use since it's environmental friendly and almost no maintenance needed unlike diesel-powered generator. Initial investment is just the same with a small generator. 


Thanks, for this post. 


Renewable Energy Act of 2008 - (PDF file) - From the Philippines Department of Energy Website.


Renewable Energy Act of 2008 - (webpage) - From the LawPhil.net website.


Renewable Energy Act of 2008 - RA 9513.pdf - LinC


I was able to download the pdf, but not upload it to this thread. If any other staff member has a fast enough connection, where they can download the file, and then upload and attach it here, I would appreciate it.

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