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Okay, who lives with you?

Who lives with YOU? (For members who are married / in live in relationships).  

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  1. 1. Who resides with you and your Filipino spouse / live in (including any children)?

    • We live alone.
    • Just us and our immediate children.
    • We have one to two family members living with us.
    • We have three to five family members living with us.
    • We have more than five family members living with us.
    • We have the whole extended family living with us, including grand children!
  2. 2. Are you okay / happy with the (extended) family living with you?

    • Very happy! I wouldn't have it any other way!
    • Moderately happy. Sometimes, though, I wish we lived alone.
    • I wish the family lived elsewhere.
    • N/A: No family living with us.

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Wife's cousin lives with us.

Helps around  the house and does the cooking (thank God).

In return we pay for her Diabetic meds and give her more than minimum salary.

No 'free loaders'.

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If you bonk him then it's tick "We live alone."

father inlaw had past away about 15 yrs ago but the mother inlaw lives wiith us and i like it. she is old school and keeps everyone in line. she treats me with respect and she makes dam sure everyone

Being an uber laid-back kind of guy it's not in my character to "lay down the law".   My only two unbreakable rules are that we aren't moving off the island or to another country and...   No one i


My wife's pretty 21 and 24 year old sisters live with us, they help out and are a pleasure...

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