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A pretty good night!

Half Baked

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Half Baked

So, I was smellin' something cooking earlier that I couldn't put my nose on... but it was somewhere back in a dusty corner of my memory.  I asked the missus what is that smell? She said its a secret.


A little while ago, she came bringin' in a plate of food and as soon as I got a whiff, THEN, I remembered. CHICKEN VINDALOO!!!

Of course, a few ingredients were absent (cardamon seeds.. and the store didn't have cayenne pepper) but MAN! is it good. I miss Indian food. No decent naan here, either. Thank you to my awesome, beautiful wife for going through the trouble to make this dish, its pretty labor intensive.


To top it off, she brought me some fresh, cold, & ripe soursop for dessert. Man, I'm having a great night!  Even shooting a pretty good round on the Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf online emulation( circa 1989).

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