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Making the ₱ symbol in Word

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I sometimes use the ₱ symbol in Word. 

While it's not a big issue for most people, it's handy to be able to make the ₱ symbol easily. Here are a couple of ways to do it.

Method 1.
  1. Type 20b1 
  2. Hold down the <Alt> key
  3. Type x
 > 20b1 will turn into ₱ .
  *This method does not work in some applications, for example in web browsers. It will work in Word. You can then copy/paste it whereever.
Method 2. 
For Word only (can then be copy/pasted into all applications):
  1. <insert>
  2. <symbol>
  3. <more symbols>
  4. type 20b1 into character code field.
  5. <insert>
  Additional step: a shortcut for next time:
   6. <autocorrect> and <shortcut> both give you the opportunity to add the ? symbol into a shortcut. For example, you can set up a               shortcut so whenever you type qp in Word, qp will turn into a ? symbol.
Method 3. 
In your start menu, start to type 'character map' when character map is highlighted press enter then select the ₱ symbol, if you can find it - else use the search function using the ASCII code above (20b1).
You can also use a free app from Microsoft to change your keyboard but since I have issues with it in Win 7 I'll skip it here.
In Excel you can either use these methods or select Pesos as your unit of currency.
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Thank you! I still cannot find a Euro symbol... :(


Found it thank you...

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