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Then in 1999 the BRP Sierra Madre was deliberately run aground on the Ayungin reef by the Philippine government as an makeshift outpost to bolster its claim against China in the dispute over the Spratley Islands. It has sat there since, a flag in rust manned by a rotating contingent of 8 Philippine Marines.




In order to get past the Chinese blockade round the vessel, the NYT team posed as fishermen on an motorized outrigger, and guided by a local mayor from Palawan Island, made the run past the Chinese warships to deliver the “cases of Coca-Cola and Dunkin’ Donuts” that have become part of the native cuisine of the Filipino race. Thus fortified, the marines showed the news team around the their ghostly command. The multimedia tour is worth the click on the link.


And so the matter stood, until supertyphoon Haiyan took a hand. The gusting winds and monstrous seas cleared the entire area of the Chinese blockade as it did anyone with an iota of sense. By rights the old ship should have gone to straight to Davy Jones’ Locker, but when the Philippine Navy made a comms check with the 8 marines on the Sierra Madre, it was still there, presumably low on donuts but apparently none the worse for wear.


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Yeah, read this story last week or so. At least one good thing came from 'Yolanda' - it chased the Chinese away!

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