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Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda report from Bantayan Island Cebu ...how one man wants to help.

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Sorry, but you are soooooooo wrong!


On the Monday all our outside staff came to the office for a meeting. By 10.00am, all had been given cash cheques for two weeks advance of pay. Those that needed repairs to their homes or homes of family members were given a seperate loan towards materials. Those that needed tools have borrowed company tools. All outside staff were given the week off to carry out repairs. Office staff said no need for time off.


We have re-scheduled all work for this week and clients have been totally understanding, not a single murmur!!!


In our building staffing is well down as other companies give staff time off.


I beg to differ Sir, it appears another of your sweeping generalising comments.

Do you suppose Ayala, Globe, or Jollibee did the same?...

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foreigner employers on Bantayan treat their staff like shit. I know this. There may be a few exceptions, but they are only exceptions.


and this was BEFORE any typhoon.

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Well, I just got out. Four hours wait for a ticket to get on an overnight boat. December 1st, up here in Biliran. Focus for help is down South but little up here. Gasoline at 100 a bottle, eggs 10 peso. No power except for generator owners. Nothing on the shelves in shops. No banks. Other branches won't recognize local accounts until the bank is open and online. Just a globe text signal.


No damage to my house but plenty of firewood as branches as big as a mans leg flew past the window to smash other things including all power lines.


A bit fed up living on pancit and candlelight after 6:00. Going to Cagayan today. Anybody know any good reasonably priced hotels?

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Canuck Joe

Excellent half hour report on northern Cebu and Bantayan Island


yes very good...and still so depressing

I wonder when this was recorded, I really hope things have improved and official aid has arrived...

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I eventually heard from the pal I mentioned in #7.


He and his wife are alive and their house is mostly still standing.

Lots of damage, and right now they have 18 people (neighbours who lost everything) living in a house that has no roof and was flooded out.

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Interesting to see that the wiki on Haiyan states China as having initially donated $100,000 and getting bagged for it.

I would guess that China has no direct interest in the lives or well being of  Filipinos.


OTOH The Holy See does have a massive influence on the lives of Filipinos, one would think that it would really care - donation $150,000.

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