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is this real? i have a filipina gf

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Many scammers these days are not asking for money, or even hinting. They know that will drive foreigners away. They are out for the bigger kill, to get you to marry them and take them abroad where they can really get you for what you've got.



A really good scammer will not ask you for $ until she has your confidence and affections,

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Try having her raise a piglet for you.   That's the well-established method for determining if a girlfriend will develop into a good mother and wife.   Does she bathe and groom it regularly?   D

If she never asks for money and never hints about it, then IMO she is most likely a keeper. There are many great ladies who do sometimes ask for help because they really need it but IMO giving should

I will start off and tell you that I've been married to a Filipina for 18 years now and we have 2 kids.  We have lived in the USA all of that time until we moved back here 4 years ago. The difference


you are right. but she is not asking money and if i will give her maybe she will think that something is going wrong. in that way maybe i will let her feel bad.



here's another idea...stop asking people for help as there is nothing wrong. hold onto your pleasant thoughts about the girl and until something big goes wrong, and i mean BIG, stop sweating the small stuff. it's hard to enjoy the company of a sweet gal and for a relationship to develop if one is always worried about something going wrong. if you can't seem to get yourself away from this doom and gloom template you are pasting over this, then you are probably doing the same with every opportunity that you are confronted with and should talk to someone qualified to help move your thinking in a more positive direction. i suspect that you are already fully aware that your thinking may be flawed, and i hope you can catch yourself before what you already expect will happen takes place. believe it or not the girl likes you, and you are probably worthy if you treat her right. 


try saying ONLY pleasant things about her and your relationship in the next post ok? :)

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i guess so. Mr. Wonderful. By the way thanks for all your opinions. But i hope i can get some idea from you on how to test her.


Test her?  Tests are for situations where both parties know what the answers are supposed to be...testing aren't for relationships!


I'd just keep spending time with her and get to know her better.  Meet her family if you want. Have a PI follow her if you want, but I'd think you'd be better off trusting what you know about her and following your gut.  Unless of course, that you are one of those guys that fall for any nice gal that smiles at you.


There are many hard working, honest filipina here. Hopefully, you've met one.

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