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G'day to all of you,


I am a French Aussie living in Perth, and thinking about making the big jump. But first, thanks to you all as I am learning a lot about PH and Cebu.

I should be in Cebu next March for an exploration trip and I hope that I will be able to meet some members of the forum. In the meantime I'll continue the reading. 

Please don't flame me if I am asking a stupid question!! 




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Thanks, Tater Salad and SomeRandomGuy.


I haven't made any trip to Cebu yet, I have work colleagues who are living in PH. And as they are always talking about how happy you can have a life there, so I am really interested to find out by myself.

I am currently watching the news about the dead toll in the Philippine and I can tell you that Its good to be seated, totally heartbreaking!



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Mate when are u coming to cebu... ill be there for a week or so starting tomorrow as I have a few mates coming over for a visit.

There is an alright little aussie joint called el geckos that was owned by a mate and now is owned by a different mate that is ok for a few.

It is on mango.

Once upon a time U would even see paul there but he has moved on to cambo these days.


When u get here and u are feeling a bit home sick or just want somewhere to sit and have a few and meet some real dicks... most of us are there some days lol

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G`day Thierry.


  This forum would be  just about best bit of updated info you about Cebu you`ll find anywhere if you have Cebu in your sights.  

Keep reading and contributing till your flight departs.


“ Please don't flame me if I am asking a stupid question!! “  Hah…of course we will.   :drinks: 



See you when you get here mate.

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