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Isuzu Elf double-cab, 4-door, 4x2 - where to buy?

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Does anyone know where, in Cebu, one might buy an Isuzu Elf, double-cab, 4-door, 4x2, with 4 wheels?


This is the style with front seat, back seat, has a pickup bed, sits sorta high, is not an SUV but is not quite a commercial truck.


Diesel, not gas

Manual shift is ok, but auto would be nice

Need aircon that works

Realize this will be a rebuild from Japan

Must be able to get it licensed


Anyone know of a reputable re-build outfit that specializes somewhat in these vehicles?


Hopefully in greater Cebu City, or Ormoc, or Maasin, or Tacloban.




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Greetings! The trucks are not rebuilds here as they are allowed in unlike cars.

Go to a truck dealer and look what they have. Auto, air con deasel are standard.

If it came from Japan, it will have been converted from right to left drive steering.

Many truck dealers in Cebu.

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Hilton is probably your best bet, if they don't have one they can order one. I think you are looking for what they call a "Crew cab". But that is like a truck. 4 wheel you are looking for a 2 1/2 ton or a 4 ton.


Perhaps you are looking for a dual cab pickup, which is the D-Max here, and the Chevy Colorado in the states.



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