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What discount by ordering a new car?

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What I had hoped to hear was something like:   "Go talk to so-and-so at x-y-z, inc.  He's known for selling quality used vehicles that haven't been wrecked, flooded, and which all have clear titles."


My impression is, like even in the States, "buyer be ware"... except, in the Phils, it is multiplied by a factor of 10.  I think I'm safe in saying that, on the whole, buying a used vehicle in the Phils is VERY risky as the vast majority of Filipinos do not know how to care for a vehicle. The concept of preventive maintenance is unknown. "Change the oil... why?... it has the original oil in it after 3 years, so why change it if it is still running good?"


Don't mean to beat up on Skywalker (or not too bad, anyway), but we all have anecdotal experiences of having bought used and not being burnt. But overall, for the OP's issue, to buy a used vehicle in the Phils is quite risky.  To buy new, will, in the long run, likely be a much better buy.  And, no, discounts at the dealer just isn't part of the Philippine-car-buying culture.

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I haven't purchased a new car before in the Philippines, but where I am from car dealers are less likely to offer a discount if you tell them that you will be paying in cash. They make more money from

A while back I wanted to buy a motorcycle cash on the nail. The salesman had to phone the manager to get permission for a cash deal. Manager was not really interested and was less than helpful. Took m

ha what's the opposite of a discount?

Ps: New Fortuner is around 1.3 at the dealer


Not my version, mine is the top of the range 3 litre turbo diesel, with leather interior and all the bells and whistles.


And I am pretty sure that even the lowest base model is more than your quoted price.


Buying a second hand or used vehicle is different in the Philippines how?  What is your extensive experience of this?  I've been here nearly 3 years, and spoken to many many people who have bought used cars here, with little or no problems.  The idea that the Philippines is any different from anywhere else, when it comes to used vehicles, is farcical.  I have been living in SE Asia for more than 10 years, so I have some experience.

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