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Hello from NY


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Hello All,

Just a little introduction info about myself.

I'll be retiring next April, and will become an expat living in Cebu.. sometime later next year. My wife (Cebuana) and daughter will come first, and rent .. somewhere in the Talisay area (inlaws home range) , and then I'll follow , after taking care of the long list of things I need to here, first.

I've joined, to read and find out about other expat's Int. moving experiences and methods, what they chose to rent and where, how they fared with their budgets vs my own (comparisons), the schools they selected for their children, and what form of health insurance they purchased (if any) for themselves and family. Not to mention, any other expat tips I can learn here, and eventually.. share my own.

I have spent a few years worth of my time already, in the Pinas.. so I'm not green on what to expect. However, living there.. I'm sure, will be a education for me.

We have property, in the province (Carcar - Barili area).. but I have no intentions to build on it yet, until I can be there to supervise.. full time. Anyways, I think I'll be busy with things like a 13A residency visa for myself.. and will want to stick closer to the city for a while. 





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Hi imonacan and welcome to the forum....

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