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thingCHARGER transforms any US outlet into a clutter-free charging station with multiple adapters

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i need a very long extension cord.



nice idea and i wish them well but for even half the price i don't see it replacing my octopus plugs, power strips, and extension cords.


Actually I was thinking about something close to that the other day in the airport when all of the (few) outlets were being used to charge or run whatever devices.  I was wishing my charger could piggy back like a Christmas light plug.  The I could take someone else's charger out, plug mine in and then plug theirs back into mine.  I imagine I can fine something that would do that at Ace or somewhere.

 4 meter - 12 ft extension cord with piggy-back plug from Christmas tree cord -- 22 ga wire - good for 3 amp (fused plug) Cost $ 2.50 - (100 P) Small enough to fit in shirt pocket


NOT good for laptops



This is a 21,000 Mah rechargeable battery pack - saved all my old phone batteries ,  the charger has - works with wall socket and USB input from any device  - movable pins can charge and discharge any make  - the 2 test leads are wired into a USB female plug  - no soldering - 


3 position plug - $1.00 (40 P) - 120 volt / 15 a = 1,800 Watt


$40 - 1,700 P - 6,500 Mah at 12 VDC  or 15,000 at 5 vdc about 10 phone charges -it is a brick - weighs almost 1/2 kilo





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