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Hello, FNG from Colorado !


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Hi, my name is Ken, I'm 58, single, and retired... actually 100% DAV.  The islands are calling me!  :yahoo:   I've been reading some of your posts, and would like some advice and direction.  I'm sick of the politics here, the materialistic American women, and the rising costs of living.  My only income is my VA pension, and I have no nest egg.  I'd be fine with renting a place in the islands, and exploring as to where I'd like to settle. 


Twice in a week, talking to friends who have been there,  I mentioned the PI as a place I'd like to go, and those people both told me that the place was a ... well a s***-hole.  I'm thinking that they probably didn't get far from Manilla and the slums there, and there has to be nice, friendly places for a guy like me to be.  I'd like to meet a decent gal who won't want me to support her entire family, and have been talking to some online at CB.  From your posts and posts on other sites, Cebu sounds like a great starting point, and I've read to stay away from the southern part of the country, due to extremeists.  Too bad, because they say that it's the most beautiful part of the country.


I'd like to make some friends here and learn what I can about the local customs and people, and how to avoid getting ripped off.  I've read that there are generally two prices on things there... one price for locals, and one price for expats and tourists.  I'd really appreciate some direction here... my timeline... I'm thinking of possibly coming out sometime around April of 2014, and am very open to your advice.  My ideal situation would be to make friends here and to possibly rent a room for a few months to get a  good feel for the place.   Thanks in advance!



U seem like a funny guy..and friendly too...Cebu will love you. SMILE!!!!!

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Spend a few extra bucks and fly directly into Cebu instead of going through that s***hole Manila.

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