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New arrival

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I wish I could update my old "Hello" thread. It has only been a few months since writing "I have started toying with the idea to move here permanently..."


Well now I had made the move. All my stuff is on a boat somewhere and hopefully will arrive before Christmas. Staying in a hotel at the moment but have just signed a contract for a place to live. I'll be in the upper end of Lahug, working from home. Working in IT and am not looking to retire.


I am usually one of the organized types and made long checklists before coming. But I did not expect the earthquake. On my arrival (a few days after the big one) I got only an hour's rest before friends enrolled me in the rescue effort. I've written all about that in another thread.


Now there are lots of bits and pieces to sort out - telephone and internet, banking and insurance, girlfriend and surfboard, you name it. All good fun - well I guess at least it would be, if I could learn to relax and take things easy. Hopefully a few years here will take care of that..!






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Have fun, Sven.  Welcome to the islands.

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