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New Duct Tape?


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People may make jokes about how duct tape can be used to fix just about anything, but a new product is claimed to be 100 times stronger than our matte-silver friend. It's called FiberFix, and it's a tape impregnated with a resin that reportedly "hardens like steel."

To use FiberFix, you just immerse a length of it in water, wrap that wet tape around the broken item in question, and allow it to set. Although it takes 24 hours to cure completely, it should begin to harden within just a few minutes, and will set to its hard consistency within about 10 – so you need to work with it quickly. Once set, it can be sanded or painted, and will be completely waterproof.

While it's apparently non-toxic, its makers warn against getting the resin on skin, clothes, tools or other places where you don't want it, as it will be very difficult to remove once it's set ... they also advise against using it to make an arm cast, in case you were wondering.

FiberFix isn't the only "instant fiberglass"-like product to ever exist, although a company representative tells us that its high tensile strength, impact resistance and waterproofing qualities set it apart.

Unlike duct tape, it's sold in individual lengths, all of which must be used at once – water vapor in the air will cause unused portions to harden, once the packaging has been unsealed. Prices range from US$5.99 for a 1 x 40-inch (2.5 x 102 cm) strip, to $9.99 for a 4 x 60 inch (10 x 152 cm) piece.

Source: FiberFix via Shark Tank

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