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Why The Philippines has slow internet speeds, according to..

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frickin amazing...  another example of a few holding back the progress of many

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So 3 weeks ago I was approached in the Mall for a very attractive PLDT broadband plan.... Great.. I go through all the application forms,  yada yada.. and then nothing happened.   I called teh sales rep.. she gave me the name of the "in charge".  I called him.   Oh sorry sir,  Manila has a backlog and it probably wont be for 2 or 3  weeks  before a crew is dispatched.    Now my address is not in the provinces... or in the mountains.. Its right on Osmena blvd  next to Cebu Doctors .... 


The guys showed up yesterday to instal.. and I took them to my Desk where Globe had installed their router 2 weeks earlier....

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